Undoubtedly subways surfers is one of the most awesome games to play in which you have to run from an inspector and the dog that he has. Your objective is to grab the gold coins while you are on the run and dodge any obstacles that come in your way. These few things may make it hard for a new start, but the game is much fun in the long run and makes your time worthwhile.

It is hard to keep on getting high scores, and it gets irritating when you want to buy something and you do not have enough coins to buy them, this is where the modded version of the game comes in. The subway surfers mod APK allows you to have unlimited coins and unlimited keys so you can get the highest score that you always wanted.

All the locked features of the game will also be unlocked when you download this modded version. You can download the modded version from the link provided down below.

Latest Features of the Game:

The game now has HD graphics to make the game look even better and even more fun to play.

There are some hidden Easter eggs in the games for Android which you can have while playing games.

The touch response on the game is great and with no delay at all.

There are daily and weekly challenges which keep you entertained for a long time.

Subway Surfers mega mod APK has everything in it so you can play with any character and with any board that you like

Download the Subway Surfers mod APK latest version

Now that you know about the game a little much, then you can download the game from the link given below.

Do note that some other websites are providing the subway surfers mega mod apk, but  most of those versions are old and do not work anymore, This is Subway Surfers mod apk 1.112.0 which is the latest version available for the game right now.

People may also be searching for Subway Surfers MOD IOS, but the modded version of the game is not yet available on the Apple devices.

If you are not familiar with the devices and how to install them then just see our Step by Step Installation Guides.

Here is the Download Link

Some ScreenShots of the mod

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